Science – Another System of Belief

It came to me, the other night whilst carving stone, that science is no more or less than another system of belief we as humans use to attribute meaning to the otherwise crazy, misunderstand-able world we share.

Just as Catholicism, Islam,  Judaism and Buddhism (or any other ‘ism’ or ‘am’ you may be able to think of) is a system of belief.

When you think about it, the only reason Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote The Holy Bible is because they were developing the system of belief that Jesus inspired through prayerful meditation, consciousness and centredness.

When the Prophet Mohamed became the vessel through which the Koran was delivered, when he managed to aggregate all the wisdom that those prophets who came before him gathered from those who came before them, it was because he was laying down the system of belief that they had established through prayerful meditation and centredness and consciousness. 

When the Buddha shared all the wisdom that he had acquired from being born into bliss consciousness, he was elucidating a system of belief he had worked out through meditation, centredness and consciousness. 

When Steven Hawkins explains the mysteries of the universe, despite the fact that it is, indeed, “fact,” he’s is also delivering the latest system of belief that evolution has equiped us with.

So why the disagreement? 

Believe whatever it is you need to believe to get by.

Do no harm.

And move on…

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