The Serenity Prayer

As someone who has had direct experience with several alcoholics throughout his life I am no stranger to the Serenity Prayer, as it is something they utilise widely in Alcoholics Anonymous. You’ve no doubt heard it, it goes:


It’s a beautiful little prayer, whether you are religious or not, and one which my brother Dan gave to me printed on a piece of laminated paper some time ago. I shrugged it off as something I had seen and heard before, but it must have seeped into my consciousness, for somehow I have been living it lately.

In addition to a whole range of challenges I have faced of late, I injured myself and have been unable to train lately. This has seen me forgo my chance to run in The North Face 100, The Buffalo Stampede, True Grit Shirt Course Titles and possibly even the True Grit 24 Hour Endure, all of which I have bought tickets for.

While chatting to my friend Rachel this afternoon, I told her about all of the goals I set myself, and shared with you all, earlier this year. It was a pretty full plate, and achieving said goals would have made me feel pretty damn good about myself.

I could rage against the injustice of wasting $1,000 in entry fees, against all the fun I am missing out on and the friends I am missing. I could worry about how my mental health may be affected by not getting as much regular exercise as I am used to. I could worry about the commitments I made back on January 1st this year, and broadcast publicly, but I am not.

In a way, being injured has been a blessing, as I haven’t been focused on my goals so much as I have been on what is most important in my life, my family and friends, my health and my work. 

If you’re one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason, then getting injured has been the reason I needed to focus on what’s important.

Without realising it, I have been living the Serenity Prayer, and please God it will pay off.

Thanks Dan, if not for your humble gift I may not be where I am right now.  You’re a damned good brother and I love you mate.