Isagenix Day 2 – Belief!

So it would seem that the end result of hanging out with around 500 energetic, motivated, happy, successful people with common goals is not just feeling awesome. For when you’re committed 100% to learning about, sharing, and developing yourself in unison with many and varied partners, you discover something.

You discover that whatever your limiting self beliefs may have been prior to these 3 days, be they around earning potential, lifestyle choices, travel, experiences or anything else, you can actually achieve anything at all that you put your mind to.

Theodor Hertzl wrote, “If you will it, it is no dream.” In his book ‘Old New Land.’ This was a seminal text which has since been credited with providing the impetus to begin the Zionist movement, and for the Jewish people to reclaim Israel, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

Whatever and as horrible as some of the atrocities that have been committed on either side of that ongoing conflict, you must marvel at the power of that assertion, that sentiment, that truism.

If you will it, it is no dream.

I will it that I shall become a Crystal Executive in 6 months, and live life without boundaries. I will that I shall enter and train the house down in an attempt to win the IsaBody Challenge.

I will this not because I am a different person to he who walked through those doors on Friday, but because I have belief. Belief in a fantastic product, a broad range of systems and tools, a fantastic community of top notch people, opportunities for personal development at every turn and the fact that I shall, henceforth, live life on my own terms.

In 7.5 hours my first IsaConference will be completed, and this same bloke as 3 days ago will walk away with an unshakeable belief in the certain knowledge that life’s challenges shall, henceforth, be met from a position of both positivity and prosperity. I will it to be so.



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