Isagenix Day 1, “What’s the drum?”

I’m pretty stoked to say that David T.S. Wood is all I expected he would be, and more. He’s not cheesy, nor does he use gratuitous euphemisms, metaphors or analogies. Leave that to the Jordan Belfort’s of the world (a.k.a. The Word of The Wall Street).

He talks straight, and he makes his.points with simplicity, finesse and a heap of impact. He uses tie downs often. A tie down is when you ask a question to confirm your audience is listening, like, “So we have created 122 millionaires in 12 years through our networking marketing model and compensation plan design. That’s a good thing right?”

Possibly the best thing I’ve learned is that I don’t need to be an expert on how the product works or what is in it. Not xt time someone asks, “What’s in it?” I’ll say, “Dunno. Read this.” and text, email or hand them the necessary literature.

I’ll make time to view all of the videos that Isagenix have developed. I’ll watch them repeatedly to ensure I can call on specific details that are relevant to potential new members of the Isafamily. I’ll send them links, show them results pictures, and tailor the solution offered to the perceived problems they themselves wish to tackle, be it weight loss, athletic performance improvement or healthy ageing.

I’ll live and breathe Isagenix values, without having to learn by rote all the details behind the products. That way, I won’t scare anyone off with technicalities. Rather I’ll entice them with the potential of massive future income increases, as the product speaks for itself.

I’ll attend more events, safe in the knowledge that every dollar I spend on an Isaevent will multiply ten fold the effect I can have on changing people’s lives positively. The added bonus of helping them attain true financial freedom and gain much more time for living (who does a trip around the world while still cashing in 1/2 a million in that very same year Steve?) is awesome, and the better part is that l while improving my team’s income, I will also increase my personal income.

Seems this trip to the big smoke has been well worth it so far and I’ve only just completed a third of the course. What shall today, let alone tomorrow bring?

Game continues…


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