Feeling strong, super fit, and sexy…that is, when I allow myself to feel that way ;)

This woman is amazing. Simply amazing.

Because Anything's Possible!

So people have been asking me about my training, and it has been going well.

Terrific in fact.

The body is adoring the work I’m giving it, and my fitness has gone through the roof.
Every week I’m making massive progress, and it keeps startling me, and I mean startling me!

I’ve always been pretty fit, and I’ve always been good at pushing myself and working hard, but my fitness has massively improved in such a short period of time, it’s actually quite amazing.

Just tonight I went out mountain bike riding with Trevor Mullens (who I hadn’t ridden with in over 2 weeks.) I was feeling like I must’ve been slowing him down, and felt like I wasn’t going very hard (especially compared to last time we rode together – I was pushing HARD the whole time!)
Trevor couldn’t stop telling me how well I was riding and that…

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