The Grounds of Alexandria Article Lead - narrow-300x0

I went to a buzzing cafe this afternoon with my family. It is called The grounds of Alexandria, and it is a fantastic place. It has big, sprawling gardens with lots of greenery, hidden treasures and flowers everywhere. There are delightful food stalls, lots of yummy food, places for the kids to play and pet animals to look at.

It is always chock full of people, and it set me to wondering what it is we love about crowds. Generally speaking I would like to have more space than less. But we regularly go to places and events where our space is so lessened that it becomes difficult to think straight. You’re so busy watching what is going on around you and trying not to lose your friends that it’s hard to take it all in.

Perhaps it is the excitement of crowds, the bustle of so many souls, the energy that we create as a group that is appealing.

I was at a wedding once and I noticed am older gentleman sitting alone at the edge of the party just taking it all in. I was instantly attracted to him, and he told me that he loved to just sit back and watch it all going on around him. What a great way to view the world. To be a part of it yet not right in the centre of the action. To have enough space to see the action and form some rational thought about it. To observe and absorb. To drink it in.


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